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This colourful giant pepper mill is ideal for cooking in the kitchen or when serving at the dinner table. Measures H30 x diameter 6.5cm Size H30 x diam. 6.5cm..

Party Platter

Party platter includes base, four insert trays and clear cover with handle.
Transports food easily. Display party food and desserts.
Trays nest together for compact storage. Diam. 29cm.
Material: Plastic

Paper Cupcake Stand.

3 tier cardboard cake stand. Stores flat for easy storage. Overall size H36cm x W30cm.

Pastry Blender

The perfect tool for blending hard ingredients such as butter, margarine or lard into dry ingredients. Size L12 x W11.5

Fondant Cutters Leaf

Create professional cake decorations in an instant. Set of 3. Assorted sizes leaf design. Diameters of each 25mm, 32mm and 40mm

Silicone Pot Handle

Essential grip and heat resistance for hot metal handles. Fits most standard pan handles. Size L15.5 x W4.3 x H3cm.

Set Of 4 Tea-Towel Hooks


Simply clamp your tea towels onto one of these self-adhesive hooks so they are always handy when you need them. Set of 4. Each hook measures H4.7 x W3.5cm..

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