Kleeneze Internet Specials ….

Kleeneze Internet Specials ….

It has been a few months now since I updated the internet specials

from Kleeneze, so please check them out below :-

Personalised We Go Together Like Poster Frame

Personalise this frame with two names that will fit up to 20 characters and a message up to 20 characters in length (which will appear inside the banner at the bottom). The words ‘We go together like…Tea & Biscuits, Bees & Honey, Strawberries & Cream, Wine & Cheese’ are fixed. Personalisation will appear in capital letters. Please include the & in between the names i.e. Sally & Mark. This art piece is mounted and framed in a large black frame  

Personalised Initials Two Hearts Keyring

Personalise each half of this Two Heart Keyring with an initial up to 1 character. Personalisation will appear in capitals.  

Personalised Me To You The One I Love Poem Book

The book can be personalised with the recipients name ‘TO’ (up to 12 characters) and the senders name ‘FROM’ (up to 12 characters). Both names will feature on the front cover of the book and can be seen in each of the illustrations running throughout. The book can be personalised with a message over 3 lines of up to 40 characters per line, that features at the end of the poem. ‘To’ and ‘From’ and kisses ‘(xx)’ on the front are fixed. Do not use capitals. 28 Pages.

The poem reads as follows

(Name) you’re the one for me
you make me smile each day…
My partner and my closest friend,
you’re perfect in every way!

Things that used to be for one
are better shared with two…
Now that you’re part of my life
I’d be lost without you!

All the days we’ve spent together
it’s amazing how time flies…
But still my heart beats faster
when I look into your eyes!

You know just how to make me laugh,
you’re always there for me…
You’re everything I ever need,
we’re simply meant to be!

Lazy days together
when there’s nothing else to do…
Not a minute’s wasted
when I’m cuddled up with you!

Morning or night, come rain or shine
you always look a treat…
You’re always there to talk to
and you make me feel complete!

You’re gorgeous,
You’re amazing
And there’s one other thing too…
No matter what happens (Name),
my heart belongs to you!

Personalised Me To You Couples Mug
Personalise this ‘Me To You’ Couples Mug with a message of 3 lines, up to 15 characters in length. You can add a message on the reverse over 4 lines of up to 20 characters per line. Personalisation will appear as entered. Do not use all capital letters. H9.2 x W11.5 x D8.1cm (3½ x 4½ x 3¼).  
Personalised Purple Ronnie My Sexy Fella Mug
Personalised Purple Ronnie Sexy Babe Mug
Personalise the front of this mug with a name (which will also appear at the beginning of the poem on the reverse) up to 12 characters in length. You can then add a message to the reverse of the mug over 2 lines of 30 characters per line. The words ‘My Sexy Fella’ and ‘Wiggle’ are fixed. On the reverse the words ‘I’ve got this feeling inside me, I think you can probably tell, I don’t only think that you’re totally fab, But I fancy you as well!’ Are fixed. H9.2 x W11.5 x D8.1cm (3½ x 4½ x 3¼”). Ceramic.  
Personalised Moon & Back Mug
Personalised Moon & Back Tumbler
Personalise this whisky glass with a name up to 12 characters and 1 line of 20 characters for a message at the bottom. The words ‘I love you to the moon and back’ are fixed. Personalisation will appear as entered. H9 x W7.5 x D7.5 (3½ x 3 x 3″). Glass.Personalise the front with a name up to 12 characters and a message on the reverse over 4 lines of 20 characters per line. The words ‘I love you to the moon & back’ are fixed. Personalisation will appear as entered. H9.2 x W11.5 x D8.1cm (3½ x 4½ x 3¼”). Ceramic.  

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