Work From Home Opportunity ….

Work From Home Opportunity ….

Fed Up With The Hustle and Bustle

of Traffic Jams?

Do you ever wonder why the majority of people are choosing to work from home?  Take a look at the image above !  I have been there, done that and got the T Shirt ….

I am working for a great company that is not far off 100 years old and growing daily still.  We provide a variety of products from kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, clothing, pets, garden and many many more items.

I am looking to work closely with 5 people who would be interested in working online or offline to build a home business.  At the moment we are only operating in the UK, Ireland and Spain but will be going global one day.

There are many incentives to earn as well …..   5 * Holidays, cars and cash – if you are prepared to put in the hard work at the beginning then this is very achievable – just ask and check out the testimonials ……

If you think this is something that you would be interested in then please message me …… >>> HERE

You will find the testimonials on one of the tabs above and there will be many more to come ….

When I started out – or I should say re-started – (yes I did have to give up for a couple of years as my husband was terminally ill) again a couple of years ago these were my first monthly pay cheques …..  which don’t seem a lot but it depends how much you want to earn – at the time I was just looking for a bit of pocket money which I managed to do.  And by the way I am a pensioner aged 72, so any age can do this work age 18 and upwards !

I would really appreciate your feedback on this if you could just leave a small comment in the comment box.  Thanking you in advance ……..

If you would like to see what is working for me online and offline please

feel free to visit ====>>>> HERE


To Your Success,

Merle Gibbins

Jay Edgson

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