Grow Your Business at Trade Fairs and Booths

Grow Your Business at Trade Fairs and Booths

If you are looking for a great way to grow your network marketing business, consider trade fairs and booths. By setting up a booth, you get to display your product or service and talk to an audience who has decided to COME to an event and walk the booth space area. They may not be interested in talking to everyone, but at least you have an opportunity to speak to a semi-captive audience.

Now, a lot of people think that they have to do HUGE trade shows and put in a lot of money. That’s not necessarily true. There are plenty of smaller events in local areas that can be JUST as valuable to your business as the larger events. In fact, many of the smaller events are not only more cost effective to have a booth, they are also more productive. People are often more willing to talk at the booth for a longer period of time.

To find a booth or fairs in your area, start with a search at your local Chamber of Commerce. They should have a listing of upcoming events in your area. Call the local events to get prices for the booth spaces.

Next, do a Google search for “fairs [your city]” or “expos [your city]” to find more events. When you are calling to get information on any event, ask the coordinator if they know of any other upcoming events.

When you attend any event, whether you have a booth space or go to walk the event, ask other booth vendors what upcoming events they are aware of. They can be some of your best resources.

When you do get ready to do an event, here are some tips to follow:

Make sure you have a GOOD looking booth. This is a time where looks DO matter. Have a carpeted floor (even if it’s not a requirement). If you have a table, have it covered with a nice tablecloth with an attractive display. Remember you need HEIGHT. Varying height. Don’t have everything at one level. Make it interesting for the eye.

Have plenty of brochures, flyers and business cards. Don’t be stingy!
Have a bowl of candy out. It helps to keep people for just a little bit longer.
Invite people IN to your booth. Have an interactive display. Have an example of your product if possible. Show it in use. Make it interesting. You want people to come in and stay so you have a chance to have a conversation.
Have a raffle to get contact information. Raffle off a product or service that you have for your business. Have slips with contact information. Include spots for people to mark if they would like more information about your product or the business opportunity as well. Make sure to follow up in a timely manner.

Events are a GREAT way to gather contact information, get information in to people’s hands, and have conversations with people about your business. If the cost is a little high, consider sharing the booth cost with another member of your team. Just remember, you’ll need to share the leads as well.

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