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Let Me Tell You The Truth About Online Marketing & Succeeding

I bet you have heard many times the statistics that 97% of people fail while only 3% of people actually succeed and earn a living in this industry? I’m sure that you’ve heard this over and over again, but you are still wondering how to become part of the 3%.

There is a disturbing known fact about the 97% of marketers and that is that they have no clue who they’re actually marketing to. Sound familiar?  They may take time to write articles, shoot videos and write blog posts, but 9.9 times out of 10, if you were to ask them who their target market is, they probably woundln’t be able to answer the question because they simply don’t know!

You need to know your audience, know what their challenges are and how to address them.  It is critical if you truly plan on succeeding.

It will make your writing efforts so much easier and allow you to immediately connect your offer with the needs that your market has.

Before you do any more marketing, take into consideration the following questions:

Who is my target market



What are they struggling with?

What do they want?

How can I give it to them?

By using only one method to market your business it’s like posting an ad in a newspaper, doing nothing else, and sitting back for months on end hoping that your phone will ring.

You HAVE TO get out there and START using diverse marketing methods for your business.  You need to incorporate things like Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Writing Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages, Forum Marketing and of course Social Media Marketing.

Just pick 2 or 3 to start out with as it could get a bit overwhelming using all of the above at once.  At the same time create a consistent plan of action on how you will implement them on a weekly basis.  As you master each method start adding one more method until you have mastered them all.  One step at a time !!  This way you will gain extra exposure from a new audience.


Outsourcing can be so important to your business and can’t emphasise this enough !   There is so much to maintain in the internet marketing world and you need to be careful not to burn yourself out …..  So getting help with time consuming tasks is extremely helpful for your business as doing it alone can be very challenging ….

The 3% of those people have mastered the art of handing things over to people who are more skilled and trained than they are. The key is in discovering what it is that you do best, and what makes you money and focus solely on those things while handing over the rest.

It can be fairly inexpensive to outsource.  Sometimes even averaging around $2 per hour (depending on expertise and location of your contractor). Either way, it’s more affordable than most people realize and should be factored into your monthly expenses as a “necessary expense”.

Myself, if I am pushed for time I use Private Label Rights, who have writers to create content for you while you still have the freedom to put your name on it and take all the credit.

The prices are inexpensive to start out with, you have no obligation and it’s a great way to begin to free up your time to focus on more critical areas that really need your attention.

As you can see, becoming a part of the 3% isn’t too far out of reach. It just means you making a few small changes and tweaks to what you’ve been doing, and you’ll discover that you’re well on your way to dominating your niche, succeeding in your efforts while finally making a decent income doing it.

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