Just a few Testimonials from Some Very HAPPY People !

From CCJ’s and a council house to a million a month turnover

Rob Forster

With seven CCJs against him, £43,000 in debt and living in a council house, former shipyard blacksmith Rob Forster from Sheffield was living hand to mouth following the fallout from his divorce.
So when a friend mentioned he could supplement his income by delivering catalogues for network marketing company Kleeneze he was willing to give it a go – within a month he had turned over £10,000, and within the year his debts were cleared.
Thirteen years on, Rob and his partner are among Kleeneze’s top distributors, earning £350,000 a year, driving a Lamborghini and being selected to attend countless incentive based overseas trips with the company. During his best ever month he has turned over £1.6million.
It all began with Rob, who at that point working as a sales representative for McCain delivering Kleeneze catalogues to his friends, neighbours and colleagues, and taking 33% retail profit on their orders.
He then began to build up his own network of distributors, earning commission on the sales they made too. Rob now has 2,500 people working for him and lives in a seven bedroom gated house in Sheffield.
Said Rob: “When Kleeneze was first mentioned to me I was at a point when I had to do something. My financial situation was desperate and I just couldn’t survive on my salary and begin to pay off my debts.
“I could see the potential of the Kleeneze business and I expected to pay off my debts bit by bit over the next few years. But I was stunned by how quickly it took off, I was a Gold level distributor within a month (the first major accolade in the Kleeneze sales plan*) and I started to pay off my debts in chunks – the council tax arrears were the first to go!
“During my first month with Kleeneze my turnover was £10,074 – during my best ever month my turnover was £1.6million. It’s literally transformed my life. And not only that, it’s helping other people to change their lives. I’ve helped other distributors take their kids to Disneyland, and recently helped someone buy their first washing machine – it sounds daft but those catalogues make a huge difference.”
Adds Rob: “I still work hard, but by choice. There no such thing as a weekend and I find myself pitching Kleeneze to people on holiday. But the financial rewards have been great.” Rob has also set up a charity which enables disabled people to ride in horse and carriages. Says Rob “they come to our stables with their carers twice a week and have a great time. It’s brilliant to be able to do something like that and give back to society.”

Debbie loves being mortgage-free

Debbie Gee, Berkshire
Having a home in desperate need of renovation and a large mortgage gave Maidenhead woman, Debbie Gee, the motivation to earn some extra money. Five years on, she is mortgage free and is developing a second property.
Finding herself financially stretched, single mum Debbie set an ambitious 5 year goal to pay off her mortgage by the age of 40 without really knowing how to. With advice from friends, and as a way of earning extra money, she became a Kleeneze distributor, delivering catalogues to houses in the area and building a large team. Debbie achieved her goal and much more; she is currently developing a £300,000 house which she paid for with cash.
Debbie outlines the secrets to her success “Kleeneze has given me a stable income which has been increasing over the years to more than I could ever have earned in employment. It has been so exciting and so much fun that it has been easy to stick with it. I am in total control of how much I earn and have been growing a residual pot. I saw many of my friends in the business invest in property and I followed in their footsteps and invested wisely.
“My drive and determination have come from meeting so many positive people who have been a major influence and have helped me along my success path. I left school with no qualifications and had very little self-esteem – I later realised I had a form of dyslexia. Through the excellent support network at Kleeneze, my self-confidence has grown so much and now there is no looking back.”
Debbie is a Natural Therapist by profession, qualified in reflexology, massage, hypnotherapy and beauty therapy. She worked with children with special needs where she discovered she had great communication skills which have really helped Debbie in her business venture. She is now financially stable and enjoys a great life with her daughter. She has also been on luxury trips to Sydney and Rio with Kleeneze as a reward for her sales success. Having had a taste of luxury, I don’t think she will be giving up on it in too much of a hurry!


Dry cleaner gives up rat race and now earns £250,000 a year

Chris & Wendy Mason-Paull

From earning £3.25 an hour steam pressing trousers in a dry cleaner’s in 1982 to earning £20,000 a month while sitting on an Australian beach, Chris Mason-Paull has turned his life around for the better after taking an off the cuff decision.
Chris, of Bristol, became disillusioned with his working life after his father retired, only bringing in a third of his working income. Chris said: “I knew I had to do something to stop me ending up in that position.”
After giving up the day job and undertaking a venture where the business went bust, Chris joined network marketing company Kleeneze. He was a little cynical about the offering but his negative thoughts were quickly turned around and he now earns up to £240,000 a year.
Chris and his wife Wendy soon set about growing the business by sponsoring other people into their business and earning a residual income from their sales. This successful couple have worked incredibly hard to build their own network of around 4,000 distributors all over Europe and their lives have been transformed.
The couple now live mortgage-free in Bristol, and also own two holiday homes in Spain plus a string of rental properties. Their typical monthly income is now £20,000. Because so much of this income is derived from their network of distributors, they are now in a position that they earn even commission from orders even when they don’t work.
Says Chris: “We swapped homes with a couple from Australia for six weeks, and I left £2,000 in my current account at home in case of emergencies. When we arrived back at Heathrow I went to the cashpoint to get some money out for a taxi. While we’d been away the balance had grown to £38,000 while I’d been laying on a beach. It was an amazing feeling and just goes to show that hard work can pay off.”
He adds: “Kleeneze beats working for a living! It’s changed our lives forever. Although 15 years sounds like a long time, when you think how I spent 12 and a half years working in a dry cleaner’s and getting nowhere, then it’s no time at all to come this far.”


I always wanted my own business but lacked the expertise necessary to get started

Nuala McDonald

When I was introduced to Kleeneze in 1995, although I had never heard of Network Marketing, I instantly saw the opportunity to earn immediate income and have a business of my own without the worries & pitfalls normally attached to a traditional business.
We had serious financial difficulties then – & there didn’t appear to be any solution to our problems.Kleeneze, however changed all that!
By following a simple system we now have a business from which we earn over €100.000 every year & this is increasing annually.
Our previous debts are non-existent and we have no worries about a pension plan! We now take regular family foreign holidays, have new cars & time freedom – (We work when we want to!)
Kleeneze has brought us on all expenses paid trips to exotic locations such as, Thailand, The Caribbean, Arizona, Malaysia & South Africa just to mention a few.
All this from what many people prejudge as “a door to door catalogue business – only for broke people!”


Everyone seems to be talking about the recession and the economy

Eamon Lynch & Marie Ryan

These days everybody seems to be talking about recession and the downturn in the economy, with the soaring petrol, gas and electricity prices that are effecting everybody people now need to be earning 10% more than they did last year just to maintain the same standard of living that they enjoyed 12 months ago. But how many are?
We came across a couple that are not just doing that but their income is increasing every year. So who are they and what do they do? Eamon and Marie started a simple home based business in the home shopping industry 13 years ago, that they ran from a kitchen table.
At the time Eamon was living in an end of terrace ex corporation house, working full time, driving a 10-year-old car and struggling to pay his bills and mortgage. Marie was a separated mother of three young children, working in an electronics company with over half her wages going on childcare.
With no business experience they started the business part time working (8 to 10 hours per week) around their jobs and family commitments and today they work about 20 hours per week which provides them with a six figure income and more importantly the time to enjoy it.
I asked Eamon how does it work?
Our business is a little like franchising without the massive investment and costs associated with franchising, in fact you can start a business like ours for less than €200. There are two sides to what we do, firstly we distributes our home shopping catalogue around our own local area and process the orders. Secondly if you wish to expand your business you can simply franchise out the business to people in other areas. Outside the financial rewards, you can by expanding the business qualify for free cars and free foreign travel. The next trip is a 10-day cruise in the Caribbean.
Today Eamon and Marie live in a 5 bedroom detached house, have 2 holiday homes in the south of France and drive two top of the range cars.



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